Where do I buy?

We currently are not available in any stores as our products are completely hand made by the owner, and I just can't keep up with that type of production.  You can contact me to see what I have on hand and I'll send you pictures.  If I don't have on hand the style you want, I'll make you one.  Soon we hope to have a page on Etsy.  

So then do you take custom orders?


Hmmmm....Sometimes.  Building a hand made briefcase is a long process.  It starts with a hand drawn design that needs to be translated into a working product.  Lots and lots of time prototyping.  Custom bags that are designed by you can be done but as with any bespoke item the time spent on prototyping and fabricating will be reflected in the price which is typically 2 to 3 times more than a similar item in my gallery.  

There's no Cart.  How do I pay?

I can send a paypal invoice to your email that can be paid online with any credit card or with your own paypal account.  It's super easy and super secure as it is done directly through paypals official website.

Do you use full grain vegetable tanned leather?


Yes.   Most of my products featured on this site are made from 6-9 ounce full grain vegetable tanned leather.  Full grain means the top piece of leather that has not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections.  Leather hides can be split to produce more pieces and then buffed to look like the outer hide.  When I buy my hides you can see all the scratches the cow may have gotten from barbed wire.  Vegetable tanned leather is better for the enviroment as it doesn't use a lot of nasty chemicals to produce.  And it just looks and feels more natural.  

Where are you located?


I live high in the Andes mountains in Ecuador South America doing volunteer work. My location makes it difficult to have a cart on my sit that you can buy directly on. To ship a bag direct I have to drive an hour to a city that has that service.  I'm basically a one man show.  I design and build all of my products.  Also I respond personally to all emails and run my website.  

Here's our FAQ page.

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